Discography - Lukáš Zeman


2017 – Romantic Rarities. Feat. mezzosoprano Michaela Zajmi

The CD is a collection of rare pieces that belong to the music heritage of the Czech lands. The carefully selected songs reflect the richness of the forgotten treasure hid in our libraries and they belong to foreign composers who were in some way connected to this country: Korngold, Foerster and Mahler were born here, Pejačević often came to Prague to visit her good friend, Brahms played here and Karlowicz, known as “the polish Dvorak”, died prematurely in Tatry mountains.

The album is the result of a fruitful cooperation with Czech mezzosoprano Michaela Zajimi and Hungarian pianist Daniel Löwenberg. The three artists combined their talent and beautifully recreated the dramaturgy of the old romantic song rhythms.

Hudební rozhledy, prestigious Czech music magazine published an enthusiastic review for the interpretative style and choice of songs on this CD:

“With a sense of romantic lyrics, however, without a disproportionate pathos, (Lukas) interprets the disappointment of love that Karlowicz associates with the brighter image of nature. […] In the case of Mahler, on the concept of Zajimi and Zeman I appreciate that, in their interpretive style, they use the folk bases of Mahler’s cycle and underline it with simplicity of speech.” Helena Havlíková

The price of the CD is 250 CZK. Should you wish to buy it, please contact us through the contact form.